Fairfield Medical Centre


We run a range of clinics. For an appointment or further details, please call Fairfield Medical Centre on (0151) 2854415


Monday 1:00pm till 3:30pm

This clinic is run by the midwives. If you become pregnant, you will be given a booking appointment at which the midwife will ask you a few questions and carry out some general health checks. You will be seen regularly throughout your pregnancy either at the practice or at Liverpool Womens Hospital.

Child health and immunization

Wednesday 09:15am to 10.30

All new babies are invited for regular check-ups from eight weeks old.

Minor surgery

Wednesday 12pm to2pm

Minor operations can be done in our treatment room. Please discuss this with your doctor who will then arrange for you to be given an appointment.


Clinic is run by Practice Nurse and offers advice and general health check-ups to patients diagnosed with diabetes.


Clinic is run by Practice Nurse who specialize in Asthma Care and offers advice and support to Asthmatic Patient(s).

Stopping smoking

Clinic is run by Practice Nurse and HCA (Health care assistant); this clinic gives advice and support to patients trying to give up smoking.

Health Trainer

Health trainers help people to develop healthier behaviour and lifestyles in their own local communities. They offer practical support to change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals. 

The exact role will depend upon the needs of the community in which they work, but typically would involve encouraging people to:

  • stop smoking
  • participate in increased physical activity
  • eat more healthily
  • drink sensibly
Other health care services

Primary care services not available at our practice are provided by Edge Hill Health Centre District PCT. Telephone (0151) 260 3684