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Patient Independent Survey Feedback

Patient Independent Survey Feedback

An independent survey was run by a private company about the service offered at Fairfield Medical centre please click the PDF to view our Report, please click on PRG to view the the Report for Our Practice

                                                  Please see below Patients comments About The GP 

"Dr f. karam is an excellent. she is a real professional and very compassionate about my healthcare."

"Dr Karam listens to what you have to say, listens carefully, gives eye contact, making you feel understood and thus building up trust. Dr Karim does not make you feel rushed, she will give whatever time is necessary for your visit, which makes you feel relaxed and able to communicate your problem, without feeling tied to time! An excellent Doctor, who I feel lucky to have right now!!"

"Dr Karam as she is truly honest sincere and devoted person for her work. She listens to all her patients, at times those also who feels low and needs to be empowered supports them to make their decision and relates to them equally so they no longer experience the same been rejected by others and build trust and strengthen within themselves to be in touch with their true worth and supports them exercise their choices and once again regain their true nature and value themselves. She always has time to offer and been empathic to walk along in the journey of others to support them without being judged or ignored. I wish her all the best. She is an asset to the community in this age and time when life is getting more and more tough due to all economical and other reasons. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to give this feed back as I truly looked up to her with all respect which she deserves."

"Dr Karam was most welcoming to her surgery. She fully explained the procedure and treatment that was going to take place. After the second visit she performed a minor surgical procedure which also involved an injection, I did not feel a thing. The small wound healed fantastically well and there is a miniscule mark on my leg She explained the procedure in detail and informed me what to expect. A biopsy was performed on the removed wart and I was informed of the outcome by a member of her administrative team. I have nothing but praise for Dr Karam and her team."

"Dr karam is an amazing doctor, she truly cares for her patients. "


Many thanks to all of our patients who contributed to the Survey .

Thank you for your lovely comments and taking the time to complete the survey. This has been very helpful and we wish to continue the good work.

Please Link Below  and tell us what you think about our Practice, suggestions are always Welcome.